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Duarte Spínola


I am Licensed (pre-bologna) by the Technical University of Lisbon – Human Mobility Faculty in Sports Sciences – specialty exercise and health

I completed my training in the area of ​​osteopathy in Portugal in the institute of health techniques. However I have always had a closer contact with the British approach to osteopathy because of my internship processes and major influences have been with British-trained osteopaths as well as having graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in London.

Having basic training in sports sciences – exercise and health, and a body perspective more linked to exercise and movement, I felt the need to differentiate myself by looking for answers to the limitations that I found in osteopathy.

I ended up developing a more personal vision and approach of the body, and I looked for a series of specializations in Portugal and abroad linked to neuromuscular activation and therapy, kinesiology, primitive reflexes, among other complementary specializations. Many of them are not directly linked to osteopathy but to the body and to the movement, as a deepening of knowledge in Chinese martial arts and other techniques of treatment that I came across in the period I was in China.
In addition to all the parallel training I did, I also completed complementary training in sacral-cranial therapy and visceral manipulation.

Until 2012 I worked in clinics associated with exercise and rehabilitation, performing the functions of exercise physiologist, trainer and participated in multidisciplinary projects associating exercise, psychology, and physiotherapy.

From 2012 I started working exclusively in the field of osteopathy.

I was also connected to teaching for a few years as a university professor at the Higher School of Health – Dr. Ribeiro Sanches, where I was the regent of the disciplines of systems physiology and biomechanics, and was also coordinator of the clinical stages of osteopathy courses of 2, 3 And 4 years. I also worked as a trainer at the Lusophone University (Universidade Lusófona) in Lisbon and  Oporto, for osteopathy updating courses, and complementary training for 4th year students, in the areas of system physiology, osteopathy and exercise.

Since 2013 I have been traveled to London every year as an assistant trainer on physiouk in muscle activation courses.
Nowadays, besides working as a full-time osteopath, I also work in parallel with physical preparation and training of professional athletes, as well as research and personal study in osteopathy, rehabilitation and movement.