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João Luis Videira


I have been a Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapist since January 2004. After many years in a complety different profession, I made a radical change in my life and I became a Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapist, in Cascais and Lisbon.

As a therapist I try to rebalance the person as a whole. I try to balance the nervous system, the hormonal system and the immune system, that, unbalance, provoke the symptoms of which the person complains. I try to treat both the symptoms and the causes that gave rise to them.

The way I do it depends on my Visible and Invisible Curriculum. As is well known, books are available to all,but what wegot  from them and how the relationship with the patient is established varies with the sensitivity of each one, and it is which distinguishes each of the Traditional Chinese Medicine therapists.

At this time, the profession of Acupuntor is legally regulated. In December of 2016 I was awarded my Professional Acupunct Certificate, Nº 0500466.

I am licensed in Traditional Chinese Medicine by the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Portugal and by the University of Nanjing in R.P. China.

I am a member of APAMTC – Professional Association of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine No. 148. 


I am fluent in the Portuguese (native, English and French languages.


João Luis Videira holds a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Superior School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Lisbon and from the University of Nanjing (R.P. China) and holds the Acupuncturer’s Professional Certificate No. 0500466 from the ACSS.