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Vanda Oliveira


Daughter of medical experts, mother obstetrician and father dermatologist, the vast library at the home was my first form of knowledge acquisition. Most likely, it was also the source of inspiration for my future career in the field of dermatology. During my undergraduate years, I worked in my father’s dermatology office, practising aesthetics combined with dermatology. Thus, for the past forty years, I have been merged aesthetics and dermatology, acquiring and consolidating knowledge and experience of both fields in a true economy of learning. I completed the University in 1978 and went to practice Public Health at the island of Madeira. In 1982 I was admitted to the Skin and Cancer Unit, New York University where I did the specializations of Pathological Anatomy and Skin Surgery. Later, and still in the Skin and Cancer Unit, NYU, I joined the Department of Hair Research, where I learned the newest and most innovative hair techniques and treatments, with researchers responsible for the most prominent innovations in the field, by that time, namely hair transplantation.