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​Traditional Chinese Medicine


What is


Traditional Chinese Medicine is a Holistic Medicine that considers the human being as an indivisible being that can not be understood through an analysis of its separates parts. In Greek, “holos” means “everything”.

Holistic Medicine is not an exclusive medical specialty, it is an approach that can be applied by any type of medicine. This is the case of Traditional Chinese where the patient’s body and mind are seen as an indivisible whole influencing each other. If a patient has a problem in the mind, it will be somatised in some part of the body, for example, not sleeping or not eating. A problem in the body it will also affect the mind, for example, with distress or restlessness.

Acupuncture is a technique used by Traditional Chinese Medicine and the profession of Acupuncturistis legally regulated by the Ministry of Health and its practice is duly recognized.

How we practice

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine our body is crossed by an energy, called Qi, through defined pathways called meridians, which carry it to all parts of our body. When there is pain or any other symptom the energy stops flowing as it should. During the diagnosis, the therapist finds where the energy is blocked and the cause. Then he decides the set of points to perform the Acupuncture, in order to restore the free flow of Qi and thus contribute to the homeostasis, that is, for the energetic rebalancing of the body, essential for healing.

Acupuncture, a technique used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, consists of the introduction of needles in specific points of the body to promote the energetic rebalance of the body. Frequently, we are asked if acupuncture hurts. Pain is a subjective sensation, but it can be said that introducing needles hurts almost nothing. In the West the idea is that it will be a kind of pain as of injections, but it is nothing like it. It really does not hurt like an injection, it hurts almost nothing. The duration of treatments varies and depends on several factors: from the therapist’s experience, diagnosis and the person’s reaction to treatment. In addition, it depends on each case, because the individual reaction also depends on a variety of factors, such as current health status, weight, age, eating habits, family and professional background, history of past illnesses, etc.

Traditional Chinese medicine is excellent for all situations of weakness where life is not in danger, in which case one should relay to Western Medicine. In all other situations, any of the medicines may be used. Traditional Chinese Medicine is excellent for chronic cases and for prevention and maintenance of health.