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Aesthetic Surgery Anti-Ageing Medicine


The increase in life expectancy has led to the increase of professional activity for later ages. This leads to more competition, forcing us to remain physically attractive. Considered a luxury a few years ago, the cosmetic surgery has been proving to be a need. It has been sought by more and more people, of all social levels and who need a quick recovery in order to quickly return to their activity. So, aesthetic medicine arises more and more with minimally invasive procedures, easier to perform, with a possibility of resuming the activity faster and more affordable costs, leading to an increase in demand. Examples of these are the application of BOTOX, hyaluronic acid and tensile strands, or the performance of small procedures such as SmartLipo, allowing for a youthful appearance for a longer period of time.


In the last years, medicine has allowed a greater life expectancy, being common to reach the eighty years and even the ninety years of age. However, quality of life is not always accompanied by increased longevity.


The philosophy should be to add life to years rather than years to life. This is the role of anti-ageing medicine, seeking to act in health through diet, exercise and vitamin and hormonal supplementation. After the evaluation of the patients’ condition, a program is drawn up, adjusted to each situation