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Allergy and Immunology


Allergic diseases affect 25-30% of the population and may affect one in two people by 2050.


Allergic disease can express in several forms from the well-known rhinitis, conjunctivitis, asthma, urticaria, eczema, to the gastrointestinal problems and the most serious among them, the anaphylaxis, that can be fatal.


An allergic patient may have several allergic diseases at the same time or go through various forms of expression of their allergy throughout their life.


The causes of these allergies are many, but for respiratory diseases, undoubtedly dust mites and pollens account for most of these causes.


Among the allergenic foods they are very varied, but if we add eggs, wheat, peanuts, cow’s milk, soy, fish and shellfish, we find justification for more than 80% of food allergies … the other 20% is often a work for a “police detective”.


But we still have allergies to poisons (sting of hymenoptera), to medications, latex and contact allergies.


In order to respond to these often difficult and time-consuming diagnostic needs, the allergy and immunology speciality attempts to find the allergenic element and then propose a treatment that allows allergic patients to have a normal lifestyle, independently of the type of expression of their allergy.


This speciality does not look at an organ or a system only but rather at the whole organism in its most complete complexity and homeostasis. This requires long clinical evaluations and a great complicity of the patients.