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We eat to live and for pleasure! But pleasure, if unbalanced, can endanger health and well-being. The list of diseases of modernity linked to food and lack of movement is a curse of our times.

Because they are interconnected, it is necessary to assess eating, social and emotional habits. Emotions condition the relationship with food and it is necessary to become aware of the patterns that govern our eating behaviours. Without this awareness, it is not possible to change habits that may be destroying the desired well-being. Also, there are foods that act against the effect of medications leading to undesirable side damages.

In the appointment, I explain basic knowledge of the metabolism, digestion and relationship of food with disease and health. In addition, I love cooking and sometimes the appointment becomes a challenge to your cooking because I try to bring novelty and variety to your shopping, your kitchen, and the way you relate your emotions and food.

This appointment should be seen as an adventure in the three indivisible realms of our existence: the physiological, the mental and the social. After the appointment, I prepare a report with suggestions and new ideas that is sent to you by email.