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Psychological Counselling and Life-Coaching


We are human people in family life, in school and academic life, in professional life, we are human people always…

Psychotherapy is a process that leads us to self-knowledge, to an exploration of ourselves as individuals and that allows a deep understanding of our personality. This clarification gives us tools sove internal conflicts, to improve social relationships and to better manager difficulties of the past, present and future.

Psychotherapy acts on a wide spectrum of problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, drug abuse, eating disorders, relationship difficulties, self-esteem, divorce / separation, mourning, school problems, family or professional problems, obsessions, emotional distress, aggression, etc.

It is indicated for all ages, from the child, the adolescent to the adult age and main objectives are: to restore the patient’s optimal psychic functioning; allow the patient to understand the causes of what affects him, so that he can find psychic resources to deal with his difficulties, problems etc; develop means of acting in the world, redefining their personality traits; solve specific problems that afflict it, as well as observe more existential issues.